Artist Statement

RonI’ve always had a curiosity about what we see.  I’m not particularly interested in ordinary beauty or loveliness.   In my photography I try to capture something interesting, beyond a beautiful scene or lovely setting.  I need to be surprised, fascinated, or amused by the subject of the image.  To present something of interest – I believe this is the unifying factor in my work.

When I first started out as a photographer, I shot in black and white and enjoyed developing film in my home dark room – that is where I would find out if I  actually had the image I wanted.  There was an element of magic in the process.  Some of my early work is included in the Black and White Gallery.  Today, with my digital equipment , I can immediately make a preliminary determination as to whether the visual representation is what I want.  However, there can still be the element of magic.  I took some shots in the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy.  It turned out that camera had better eyes than I did.  The dimly lit tombs and inscriptions, are much brighter and more clear than they were in “real life.”   Hopefully, the Travel Gallery will inspire you to take lots of pictures when you travel, as you may see more when you get home than you did when you were there.

Street photography is always fun – I have a knack for finding quirky scenes that may evoke a laugh.

I have recently been doing some mixed media work as a new potential direction in my art. I use  my photographs, different printing processes, combined with a sculpted paper technique to create a three dimensional effect.  Each piece is unique and opens the image to multiple interpretations.

I take great satisfaction in the creation of my images and visual representations.  If  others find them surprising, fascinating or amusing, that is additional delight.  So I welcome you to look at my galleries and hope that you too will find my photographic art interesting in an enjoyable way.